Strapped down to a gurney

strapped down to a gurney

A year-old woman filed a lawsuit against the city of Sacramento alleging that a paramedic groped her while she was unresponsive in an ambulance, The Sacramento Bee reports. The woman filed a Sept.

She had recently suffered a seizure. A paramedic intern who was in the ambulance told detectives that Evans urged them to "take a look" at the patient's breasts, according to an arrest warrant. Evans then turned to the intern and said, "Sorry man, I had to," according to police. The woman told detectives that she was restrained with her eyes closed, but could hear the paramedics. She also said she felt a hand pull her breast out of her shirt. Evans, who denied the allegations, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor sexual battery.

He's scheduled to appear in Sacramento Superior Court Jan. Brandon Erickson, an attorney for Evans, said he looks forward to having his client "exonerated by a jury," The Sacramento Bee reported. Alex Gortinsky, an attorney for the young woman, says his client feels like she was a rape victim.

Skip to content. A year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against the city of Sacramento after Sacramento Fire Deptartment paramedic Jared David Evans allegedly fondled her breasts while she was unresponsive in an ambulance after suffering a seizure on April 1. Sacramento Fire Department. Most Read. Woman shopping at Marshalls in Bronx is victim of disgusting sex crime.

He's since been placed on administrative leave. Recommended on Daily News.Responding to reports of a woman in mental distress, Round Lake Beach officers placed a young woman in a gurney only to punch her in the face three times. Video captured by Angela Heath captures the moments after a woman is strapped into a gurney.

As a half a dozen people look on, an officer punches the woman in the face three times. What the fuck?? The officer then points to his leg claiming that she bit him. According to dispatch recordings from Saturday evening, a call was made relating to a suicidal woman on the lake front area of Round Lake Beach, a small town just north of Chicago.

According to policeofficers and fire personnel came into contact with "a person experiencing a mental health crisis. The video depicts a far too common trend of police dispatched to calls for service that require mental health professionals rather than government agents whose solution to everything is brute force.

See the bite mark? The officer also refused to identify himself however Heath did capture the number which was visible on the back of his departmentally issued hat.

He just needed to pull away from her. She was not latched on to him, she did not rip his pants, she did not rip his skin," said Contrerars who has since filed a complaint with the Department of Justice requesting an emergency investigation into the Round Lake Beach Police Department.

Cry and bitch all you want All over social media? I was looking very closely at this frame by frame. At the time of him punching her I could see a lot of skin of hers. How could her mouth be off to the side biting him when there's a lot of facial skin showing as straight upwards.

Watch it slowly folks as he punches. It doesn't appear her head is sideways towards his leg. Either way standing over a woman who is tied to a gurney and punching her repeatedly in the face is the act of a coward or a wife beater.

One or the other. For me, a bite illicits an involuntary defense response a punch. His initial punch is totally normal and to be expected from any reasonable person. The follow up punches are the only actions that warrant further evaluation. It appears she was still attached to his pants at the point of the second punch.Shocking images of a police officer seemingly pummeling a restrained woman who was suffering a mental health episode have community leaders in Round Lake Beach, Ill.

Rescue workers were responding to a call about a woman who was experiencing emotional troubles on Aug. Video taken by an outraged bystander shows an officer seeming to throw three quick punches at a woman, who was lying down and flanked by at least a half-dozen officers and rescue workers. After being told he was being filmed, the officer pointed at his leg and shouted back that the woman on the stretcher had bitten him.

The officer repeatedly points at his pant leg and claims there are bite marks on his leg, which is covered. That statement also said the woman who was punched — along with the police officer — were treated at an area hospital. Round Lake Beach police did not return a request for comment. Skip to content. An Illinois Round Lake Police officer pictured punched a woman on a gurney in the face several times after she allegedly bit him.

Most Read. Woman shopping at Marshalls in Bronx is victim of disgusting sex crime. The Daily News Flash Newsletter. You are now following this newsletter. See all newsletters. She hopes the incident changes the way area police officers treat mental health calls.

Recommended on Daily News.Last summer, Warren Hill, a mentally disabled death row inmate, was granted a stay of execution just 90 minutes before he was set for lethal injection by the state of Georgia.

He came so close to being killed that he had already been given a sedative to prepare when the stay was granted. Troy Davis, the last inmate executed by Georgia, faced a total of four scheduled execution dates before he was put to death.

On July 16,his execution was halted just one day before he was set to die. On September 23,he was 90 minutes away from lethal injection and already strapped to the gurney when his execution was stayed.

The following month, his life was spared once more, this time three days before he was scheduled for death. On September 21,Georgia finally succeeded in murdering Davis, but not before his execution was postponed one last time by the Supreme Court only to be lifted four hours later.

Paramedic accused of fondling patient strapped to gurney

He was strapped to the gurney twice that day. Just consider the destructive impacts of PTSD on people recovering from traumatic experiences. And it seems experts and human rights organizations agree. His findings are eye-opening :. Experts in death row and its psychological impact on prisoners say that such multiple exposure to imminent judicial death is tantamount to a form of torture. It can induce post-traumatic stress disorder, and human rights campaigners say it should be classified as cruel and unnatural treatment that should be banned, irrespective of the guilt or innocence of the prisoner.

Stuart Grassian, a psychiatrist with extensive experience of treating death row inmates, has had patients who came within hours of death but were later proven to have been innocent. People suffer immeasurably. One of his patients came close to being executed on the electric chair. Brian Evans, a death row specialist with the US branch of Amnesty, pointed out that under international law, mock executions were considered to be a form of torture.

Especially when he has come within hours of death, and said his final goodbyes — that is certainly similar to torture. Evans added that the process was also unbearable for the families of victims.

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For many death row prisoners, the prospect of walking the line, possibly several times, proves to be too much. A study by John Blume of Cornell law school found that of the executions that had then been carried out in the modern era in America involved prisoners who had voluntarily gone to their deaths, eschewing all appeals.

In the most gruesome cases, prisoners have actually had their executions called off mid-procedure. In MayWillie Francis, a black boy then aged 17, was put on the electric chair in Louisiana for murdering his white employer the year before. On 15 SeptemberRomell Broom was strapped to a gurney awaiting death by lethal injection in Ohio. Executioners struggled to find a useable vein into which to inject the lethal drugs. Broom was reported to wince and grimace, and at one point appeared to be sobbing.

After two hours, the then governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, called the execution off.

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Broom was returned to death row, where he remains today. First it was 90 minutes. Tonight is was 30 minutes. How many more times will Warren Hill be strapped down to a gurney before we say enough is enough. Executions, as well as prisons, are barbaric—intentionally so. Your email address will not be published.

strapped down to a gurney

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rania Khalek Dispatches from the Underclass. About Donate Archive Contact. His findings are eye-opening : Experts in death row and its psychological impact on prisoners say that such multiple exposure to imminent judicial death is tantamount to a form of torture.

Some see that as a form of judicial suicide.By Tracy Wright For Dailymail. She's set to star in the highly anticipated sequel to Mamma Mia later this summer.

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The year-old actress seemed to be in character as she was strapped onto a gurney to film a challenging ambulance scene. Amanda appeared to be strapped into the yellow stretcher as she was loaded into the back of the ambulance by two paramedics. In addition to sporting a blue long-sleeved shirt, she stayed warm wearing a navy-hued puffy vest.

The Gringo starlet leaned up against a pillow on the gurney and was wrapped up in a grey wool blanket. Oh no! Her bright blonde hair was tied back into a messy bun with wispy tendrils hanging loosely by her face. Seyfried has set up camp in Vancouver with her husband and their baby daughter to film the Simon Curtis-directed flick in the British Columbia province of Canada. The Twin Peaks star tied the knot with Thomas Sadoski in a secret ceremony last year just before they welcomed their little girl into the world.

Amanda wanted to get hitched with her beau before her daughter was born in March because she wanted to be able to call him her 'husband. Family: The Twin Peaks star tied the knot with Thomas Sadoski in a secret ceremony last year just before they welcomed their little girl into the world; seen in May at the Met Gala. We just stared at each other and it was really emotional and cool and it was, it was exactly, it was exactly as it should have been. She recently admitted she'd love to have a second gathering with her friends and family in the near future to celebrate their marriage because she loves extravagant nuptials.

Love: Amanda wanted to get hitched with her beau before her daughter was born in March because she wanted to be able to call him her 'husband'; seen in May at the Met Gala. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Why did they strap me down to a gurney when they took me off to the mental ward?

View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Today's headlines Most Read First step on roadmap out of lockdown is revealed as Boris Johnson aims to prioritise reopening schools on Toddler was left at risk from 'cannibal' father by bungling social workers during three-year catalogue of We made our dreams come true and you can, too! As scientists say you can solve problems in your sleep Save our army!

Four top generals band together to demand Boris Johnson calls a halt to troop cuts Singer welcomes her second daughter with partner Leyman Lahcine after planned Etched on their faces, the shocking toll of care residents' months in isolation: As Boris Johnson easesInmate Ray Jefferson Cromartie, 52, was pronounced dead at p.

Wednesday after an injection of pentobarbital at the state prison in Jackson.

Dead body prank? Corpse strapped to gurney rolls out of coroner's van and into traffic

He made no last statement but requested a prayer to be recited before the drugs began flowing. Cromartie was convicted and sentenced to die for the Aprilslaying of Richard Slysz at a convenience store in Thomasville, near the Georgia-Florida line.

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The state said Cromartie also had shot and gravely wounded another convenience store clerk days before the killing. Strapped and taped down to a gurney, Cromartie moved little if at all.

Evidence at trial showed Cromartie borrowed a handgun from his cousin April 7,entered the Madison Street Deli that night and shot clerk Dan Wilson in the face, seriously injuring him.

Days later on April 10, Cromartie and Corey Clark asked Thaddeus Lucas to drive them to another store to steal beer, testimony showed. Lucas parked, and the other two entered the Junior Food Store. Cromartie shot Slysz twice in the head, prosecutors said. Unable to open the cash register, Cromartie and Clark fled after Cromartie grabbed two packs of beer. In both cases, Cromartie told others he had shot the clerks, evidence showed.

Lucas and Clark testified against Cromartie at the September trial that concluded with his death sentence. Lucas and Clark each pleaded guilty to lesser charges, served prison time and were released. A judge last month found it unlikely that DNA testing would lead to a different verdict.

That filing also sought an order to allow DNA testing. Last week, lawyers filed a statement from Lucas in federal court in Valdosta claiming he overhead Clark tell someone else he shot Slysz.

Supreme Court rejected a request to intervene. Cromartie was initially scheduled to be executed Oct. State lawyers conceded the order was void and the state set the Wednesday execution. Cromartie was the third person executed by Georgia this year.

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Follow NBC News.I drank a couple beers and got in a fight with one of my parents and they had me commited to the mental ward for it. Everyone at the mental ward was nuts and i was like a normal kid who didnt want to harm myself or others.

When they took me away against my will they strapped me down in a gurney and put me in an ambulance. I felt so violated and sick. Why do they strap someone down in a gurney if they are of no harm? You already stated you were drinking and fighting with your parents.

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Do you think they would take a chance of you trying to get up off the gurney and possibly hurting one of them when you were reported as having been drinking and were disordorly besides?

If you were of no harm then why did the ambulance have to be called in the first place? There is no way to accurately determine if someone is a danger to themselves or others. It's like trying to predict beforehand whether or not someone is going to kill someone or not before the crime has been commited. Have you ever seen the film Minority Report? It is a good analogy to how the psychiatric system functions and why it doesn't work.

There is no way to determine if someone is a danger to themselves or others. So back to the question. If your parents tell the police that you are "a danger to yourself or others", then to avoid being locked up in a mental ward you'll have to talk to the police officers and explain the situation to their satisfaction. You are going to have to convince them that you are not going to hurt anyone. And If you are intoxicated then that is going to be quite the challenge. Most of the mentally healthy who end up in a situation like this and are intoxicated, will usually be labeled "danger to themselves or others", just because the person is too intoxicated to prove otherwise.

If your parents got you put in the hospital, you must be a minor. I would still suggest that you educate yourself about your rights.

strapped down to a gurney

That's very bizarre that a drunken fight got you commited, but I guess being a minor and from a dysfunctional family, clearly, is reason enough. Your parents probably told the hospital that you are a danger to yourself or others. Either there is more to the story or your parents are horrible psychopaths that wanted to severely punish you for a little bit of drinking. Again, educate yourself about your rights when it comes to psychiatry and psychiatric care.

You may find a potential law suit or at least a way to prevent involuntary commitment in the future. It is procedure.


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